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President's Annual Statement

Since 1968 Tryon Painters and Sculptors has worked to fulfill its mission to provide opportunities for an appreciation of fine arts through member and guest exhibits, education, and partnerships with other area arts organizations. With each passing year, TPS has gained a great deal of strength and stability from its founders and boards of directors to this very year. 

2024 is a year that we begin with much gratitude for the support of Polk County Community Foundation, more than 200 members, generous donors, previous boards, and a current active board of directors. The first exhibit of the year begins in just a few days.  Each exhibit is unique and showcases incredible talents! 

There is a great deal of positive energy as we grow numbers of members and amazing education opportunities. Classes are already being established and seats in these classes are filling. Ongoing efforts are made regularly to add excellent classes of interest in a variety of arts media. Improving the space in which we teach, and exhibit works is also a priority. 

As the new president of the TPS Board of Directors, I am deeply grateful and excited about the opportunities to engage the community ever further for an appreciation of fine arts in Tryon and the surrounding area.  


Cornelia D. Scibetta

President Board of Directors

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